This is a modified version of an email I send to the team when joining a fast-growing company like ResQ. I’ve been fortunate to be part of a few successful startups in the last 23+ years, and some major failures. Hopefully the perspective will help!

Watching NASA astronauts going up to the space station onboard Space X’s Crew Dragon, I was reminded of my favourite metaphor for early stage startups. Despite being the safest space craft ever built, as it was accelerating to escape earth’s gravity, the inside was anything but calm. …

This is not a story about surviving the pandemic as a tech startup; for that, I refer you to ResQ CEO, Kuljeev Singh, for a great example of leadership through difficult times. No; this is a story of how managing a pandemic is (or should be) like running a startup, but the stakes are much higher.

Lesson 1: Target your efforts

Startups always begin by trying lots of different, and sometimes random, tactics in the absence of real world data, but as your business matures, you start to use data to help you target your efforts and make more informed…

It is has perhaps become somewhat of an inside joke, particularly in my line of work, but there is a simple and timeless truth behind the concept of “making the world a better place” that has spanned the entire history of human existence.

My parents, and their parents before them, strived to leave things just a little better for their kids. I know, as I watch my own children grow up, there’s nothing more important for me than to make sure they live a better life than I did, and so on.

The truth of the matter is that, for…

Mazdak Rezvani

Head of Product, ResQ. Former CEO, Chatkit; SVP, Eng, Rubicon; Co-founder & CTO Chango; VP Tall Tree Games; VP HotOrNot, Co-founder BubbleShare.

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